Monday, July 25, 2016

little stars

The summer continues to fly by. I have sewn a few little stars here and there and tucked them away in this tin.  Right now it is sharing space with my leader/ender project of unbalanced 9 patches.  I'm over halfway with the 9 patches but not even 1/10th the way with these handpieced stars...  365 stars is A LOT!
 One day this tin will be full with just stars - right?  Today there are 31.
It seemed like a fun idea to play with setting fabric colors.  The Star a Day pattern has you put the stars together with a neutral for the alternate squares.  I think I want more color. 

Here's pink.
 And green.
 I kinda like this green :0)
 I will keep making stars for awhile before I decide.  I will try lots more options I'm sure.

Last week I biked from Canmore to Banff in the mountains with my oldest (taking the picture) and youngest daughters.  It was such a gorgeous day!  
I thought I'd sew some stars when we took breaks from cycling but I was too busy enjoying the view.

Happy Quilting!


Every Stitch said...

Love the green Janet - especially as it has a faint stripe in there!
What a great spot to bicycle :)

Kyle said...

Your stars are shining brightly. Those cute little stars are a huge undertaking. Keep going.

Karen said...

You baked up some little LeMoyne Star blocks! The baking pans make for good work storage while you are making a quilt.

Cheri said...

I saw a finished quilt of these little stars earlier this year, it is a gorgeous quilt. Great project and I reLly like that green stripe also.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Yikes! I love the pink, but I have to say that green fabric is sensational! No help here, I love them both.

Barb said...

what a gorgeous bike ride for you and your daughters.
I really like the stars - both the green and the pink. I'm a pinky girl :)
glad to hear your having a fun summer

Phyllis said...

Such a wonderful project and I love both the pink and green with your stars. Looks like you had a fantastic day with your daughter.

Phyllis said...

This is a lovely project and both the pink and green look great with your stars.

Cathy said...

I love your little star blocks. I was lucky to have received a doll quilt in an exchange made up of these little blocks. I like how the green background makes the colors of the stars pop. Hugs

Dawn said...

What about alternating pink and green, that's a classic one.
Love your stars.
Nice to see you are having a good summer.

Dorothy said...

The green is wonderful.