Thursday, January 19, 2017

a new year a new project

It's been 2017 for a while now.  I've been pretty busy but still a little stitching happened since Dec 12 of last year :0)
We decided to do a little renovation to our basement family room.  My sewing area is in that room so it got mostly packed up until the drywall dust settles. I just had to still sew so a small space was made in my bedroom to sew with my little Singer featherweight.  I received the Patchwork Diva's book "Treasury of Quilts" for Christmas and wanting to start something new, I pulled a few fabrics out of bins and made these 3 trees.  It was lovely to sew in my bedroom with so much natural light but it will be good to move back into my bigger space downstairs.
 A while before Christmas I managed to get these signature blocks together.  I have the borders cut but with my sewing area so dusty and 1/2 packed away I haven't yet designed or started the applique.  I went without appliqueing for a few weeks and then - suffering some withdrawal - I started on the fourth block of my Radical Rose and Reel.  Wow, did that feel good - I missed it so much - lol!
Instead of applique, over Christmas I worked on this EPP project.  It grew quite a lot. It was a good portable project to work on.
 This last project was a little one I started together with a friend.  I found the pattern in a magazine I have since returned to the library so I don't know who designed it or what the pattern is called.  I was intrigued by the blocks - made from 2 charm pack squares.  It's kind of small to use as a table runner so I will likely add on some applique and/or borders...
 I thought I'd show a close up of one block.
 Other than that, I worked a fair bit on my Bird of Paradise hand quilting.  I've nearly finished quilting the centre of the quilt but the borders will take a few months more.  I will try to get a picture of it to post next time.

Happy Quilting!!


Barb said...

Pretty Projects! Your signature blocks are wonderful. those blocks are a lot of sewing as I remember.
What nice HST tree blocks.
You seem to be doing well, despite the basement re-do. Oh that drywall dust gents into everything!!

Lori said...

Yay! I love new projects with the new year! Your trees are great!
What a fun table runner and the EPP colors are amazing! I adore that traditional signature block. Nice quilt top!

Monica said...

I love your big trees, Janet! When I finish the trees I've been doing, I think I'll be ready for another one like yours. Can't wait to see what's next!

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Well, despite losing your sewing room you have been very busy and productive. Love, love , love those three pieced trees.

Every Stitch said...

Always great to see your project updates - and watch things growing bit by bit! I do love those trees - so nicely pieced :)
All the best with the renovation

Kyle said...

Each of your projects are so wonderful and inspiration! Despite not having your regular sewing area or much time you've made lots of headway. The colors of your EPP are so cheerful and I love the trees that your making. Glad you've also had time to keep working on your Bird of Paradise.

Cheri said...

Great projects, I love those tree.

Karen said...

I thought I recognized your tree blocks as possibly coming from the "Treasury" book. Well done.
I would hate to have to pack up my sewing room for anything. Way too much stuff.

audrey said...

Love those trees.:) About time to hand quilt mine if I can ever get it on the list!

Sharon said...

So many pretty's shared here. I love your appliqued blocks, your epp, well, just all of it is so good!

Dawn said...

How nice to have the Featherweight for a sewing fix as needed!
Hoping you get resettled in your sewing space soon.
Lovely stitching as always - Nice to read RR is on block four.