Saturday, June 29, 2019

time flies

In a moment of weakness...  I started a new project.  On Instagram there was a new sewalong starting up using Dutch chintz fabrics.  Susie who goes by fixer_of_old_quilts on Instagram is running a sewalong patterned after antique Dutch quilts.  She was offering the pattern for templates to English paper piece the center star.  I dove right in!!
 It was an adventure to make this center star with each point pieced with a seam down the middle.  Then I had to choose a background fabric.  Kyle suggested looking at the other fabrics I planned to use and the choice of this medium blue was much easier. 

 It was another trick to get all the background pieced stitched in and have the star lay flat.  It's been a fun and challenging project so far.
 Today I added pieced corners to make this a square with the star on point.  From here on it gets rows and rows of more hst's.  I'm using some of my Dutch chintz fabrics mixed together with other fabrics from my stash.
I've also been working on my Hospital Sketches applique BOM.  The May block was a pineapple block that was a little plain.  I decided to redraw a different pineapple block from a book that I have - Red and Green Quilts from the Poos collection by Kay Triplett.
 It was fun to experiment a bit :0) 
 And I finished it in time for the release of the June block.  I'm going to make that one with no changes.
 I've also been stitching a few of my staraday stars.  My tin is almost full and I'm 1/3 of the way to finished - lol!  A long term project for sure.

I also want to include a picture of my son at his grade 9 grad.  He's off to high school next year.  He is a great student and athlete - I think he's going to love high school.  He looked so handsome all dressed up :0)

Happy Quilting!


Cathy said...

You have some very impressive projects. I love them all. Hugs

Karen said...

A wow for your star medallion block! So well done. I don't have Dutch chintz fabrics in my stash. Lovely choices for your planned quilt.

The re-drawing of the pineapple block made a great block design. I am behind on making blocks on that quilt. I think I have three completed blocks.

Barb said...

Pretty star. I like it on blue background. Such soft pretty fabrics.
Yay for you to interpret the pineapple block for yourself. I love that!
Congrats to your graduate! wonderful family photo. He looks so much like both of you.

Lori said...

Love the family photo!!
The center of the Dutch quilt is gorgeous! Love those fabrics!!
The pineapple block is really pretty and I love your stars!!

Unknown said...

Wow! That EPP star quilt is going to be stunning! But I think I have loved all your quilts. :)

Kyle said...

You have been one busy stitcher. Your Dutch star looks great on the blue. Now comes all those hst's. Your tiny stars are adding up. How many do you plan on making? The pineapple applique is so pretty. Congratulations on your son's graduation. Those are special

Phyllis said...

I love your star and I admire it, all those fabrics in the center and it looks perfect, well done! It is a lovely project, I have been following it on IG, great opportunity to dive into your stash.
Lovely pineapple block (love anything pineapple, in quilts and the real thing), and congratulations on your son's graduation.

Deb said...

Incredible work with lots of patience love love love all your projects and fabrics. Finding the time and then be able to commit to a long term project is very impressive the fun part is picking those gorgeous fabrics. A wonderful congrats to your son special moments to remember put a little token in one of those projects for this special day!

audrey said...

Love your Pineapple block so much! And I can totally see why you dove into the Dutch chintz project. Those fabrics need to be loved.:) Wonderful to reach the stage of high school. Busy, exciting years for them!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to,your new high schooler! Time flies..
Fun new projects with a beautiful variety of fabrics.
Happy stitching!

Love Of Quilts said...

Very nice projects in the works. Good picture of family.

Lynn S said...

On your star a day blocks--after you finish one, do you do anything special to make them lay so smooth?