Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am feeling inspired after seeing Libby's stockings on her blog
I have a goal to make a quilted stocking for each person in my family. Last year I managed to get these 2 made to match my tree skirt. If I can get 2 made this year then I'll only need to make 2 more next year and I'll be done.

My quilting guild learned to make these cute little bags this week. I made a handle for mine, and then forgot to sew it on - opps!
My DH has his truck engine all apart in the garage - putting in a new head gasket or something ... I should have a little more time to sew this week which is good because I promised to sew daughter #2 a halloween costume. She is very into the American Girl books/dolls and wants to dress up like Kirsten from 1854. Last year I made a Little House on the Prairie costume for daughter #1 so this will be my second go at making this pattern.
I am happy to work with nice - easy to sew cotton fabric and am relieved she didn't want a fairy or a mermaid costume :0)
Marcie at has her new free Christmas pattern ready to go. I really like it - I'm hoping to get started on it this weekend. As always, so many sewing projects - so little time...


Anonymous said...

I love how your bag turned out. Bev is going to be soo jealous about your corners. You'll have to prepare a little demo for her Saturday.

I hope the truck repairs continue to progress.

Kathie said...

I have to tell you I was inspired by Libby's stockings too
I think I just may have to make a few as well
enjoy making the costume , can't wait to see it. my DDs LOVED the American girl dolls too

MARCIE said...

Those little dresses were popular when my girls were very small. Back then they were Holly Hobby dresses! I loved them. They had bonnets too.

Marit said...

Love your christmas stockings, they are so pretty. There is still a little time to make more for this christmas, I guess. It was nice to visite your blog, and thank you for stopping by mine. And I love your quilt Lucy's flying geese! Maybe I can make one, one day?