Wednesday, February 11, 2009

forgot my thread

I've been away on a family holiday in Hawaii. We had a wonderful time and now we are back to snow, cold, and winter for a few months.
I did get a small applique project ready to take with me to work on in the evenings after the kids were in bed. I was very busy getting everything ready for our trip but I did manage to pack my project bag with scissors, fabric, pins and needles but... I forgot to bring thread! I was so disappointed - a week with no sewing at all would be too much - lol. Then I examined my faithful friend - my pincushion. There mixed in with the pins and needles were a few strands of pink, green and yellow thread - hooray!I know that my pincushion is not a pretty sight but I've been using it since I was 8 and my mom taught me how to sew. She sewed this pincushion for me with leftover bits from a polyester pantsuit she made for me. Anyone remember those polyester pantsuits?? :0) Anyway - I can admire all the pretty little pincushions that other quilters make and use but I'm going to use this one until the polyester wears out.
Happy Quilting!!


Evelyn in Canada said...

Although all of your quilts are great, this isn't really a comment about your post. One day maybe I'll be interesting in projects that don't get done in one hour, but that's about my attention span -- like the kids, really!

Thanks for visiting my new blog. Hopefully it sticks. I'll have to post some of my sewing projects as I do them. Have fun with yours!

MARCIE said...

Ha! Like that is ever going to happen! My pincushion is filled with threads of all colors also. We just hate to throw away anything, don't we? And it was useful!

Diane said...

Does polyester ever wear out?