Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a couple blocks

I've set aside the corn and beans quilt to catch up on a couple blocks for my guild challenge. This card trick block I tried to do something tricky :0) playing with the value. I'm not sure it really worked - oh well.
This block is one from the Civil War Diary quilt book I think.
And this last picture is a small project I have been handquilting. I'm hoping to finish soon - it takes time to go around the flying geese blocks.

I washed up a pile of fabric today to get started on a new project (Yipee!!) A single bed quilt for my little darling - my youngest. She's still in a crib for now but it won't be long now and it takes me awhile to produce a quilt of that size. It's going to be brown, pink and cream and I think I just might start cutting tonight. :0)

Happy Quilting!


Janet said...

The blocks look good, I'm impressed with your hand quilting,It's lovely, do you use cotton batting?
Nothing like the excitement of a new quilt to start, look forward to seeing that.

Karen said...

Your hand quilting is very good. I am always happy to find someone who still does it by hand. I think it will become a lost art one of these days.

Carrie P. said...

Love your new blocks and your hand quilting is awesome.
Have fun making the new quilt for the little one.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your hand quilting looks amazing! Well done

MARCIE said...

Always love to see what you are working on. Love seeing the temping little corner of that quilt and your beautiful stitching.

C. C. said...

How fun it is to see others projects! Very nice job! I really can't wait to see the baby's quilt! I have really wanted to do a pink and chocolate quilt; but I don't know what I would do with it so I stick to the things that at least SORT OF match the majority of my decor!

Have a nice week!

C. C.