Tuesday, July 28, 2009

silly girls

Here are the next 2 blocks I made for my guild challenge quilt. In a couple months it will be my turn to choose a 12 inch block for everyone to make.

This next picture is of the lilies blooming in my backyard. 14 years ago, before we were married, my husband gave me a box with 2 lily bulbs in it. The name on the box was Silly Girls. I think he was trying to be funny and sentimental at the same time :0) Every year without fail they brighten the garden in July. We have moved twice in that time and with each move I dig up a clump and bring them with me.

Happy quilting!!!


Crispy said...

Love the blocks and the lillies are beautiful. Have you decided on a block yet?


Janet said...

What a sweet and sentimental reminder of your love for each other. Nice blocks. What is the plan for the finished blocks.\?

Kathie said...

the lilies are just beautiful
LOVE the colors...great idea to take them with you every time you move!

Marilyn R said...

Beautiful blocks and beautiful flowers! It's wonderful that you have been able to take them with you when you move.

Carrie P. said...

Lovely blocks. Those flowers are gorgeous. I Love the way they make a star in the middle.

Lea said...

I enjoy reading your sweet memories. Your hubby is very charimg, I like the lilly name. :-)
Also your blocks are very elegant, lovely colors remind me of Christmas!*S*

Karen said...

Beautiful lily and I love your blocks.

MARCIE said...

Fabulous lilies! And cute name! I have some baby iris that I have moved all over creation, but they haven't done that well here. I should try lilies!
Very pretty blocks as well!

Meggie said...

What a lovely person you are.