Saturday, October 3, 2009

ready to quilt

This little crib quilt sure went together fast. I'm going to very cowardly machine quilt this in the ditch. :0) I'm trying to figure out how to piece the backing today. And this came in the mail yesterday! I did a little dance of glee when I opened it and saw the pages and pages of fabulous antique quilts in it.
Now I have so many new project ideas I hardly know where to start!
Happy Quilting!!


Crispy said...

What a lovely quilt Janet!! I don't think it needs fancy quilting, as the top is so dramatic without it. The book looks very interesting. I love antique applique quilts.


Lurline said...

Gorgeous little quilt - I'm happy to join you being cowardly quilting in the ditch, in fact I like it! would love to get my hands on that book!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Janet said...

That's a great quilt, it'll look good quilted in the ditch.The book is one of my favourites.

Kathie said...

great little quilt and one of my favorite books
would love to do the quilt on the cover.
isn't it beautiful???

Janet said...

Perfect choice for this quilt. Wish I could open up the pages and look at this book with you.

Marit said...

Lovely crib quilt, love the softer colors!
And I would love to read that book, what a great cover. Enjoy...

Carrie P. said...

You did a great job on the pumpkin quilt so you will do fine on the crib quilt.
Love the cover of that book. Have fun reading it.