Friday, October 30, 2009

some progress

This is my newest applique project. It is a wreath inspired by a horseshoe shaped block I saw a picture of on Janet's blog a while back. After "visiting" the picture several times I knew I wanted to make something using the happy flower shapes.
I have spent some time arranging and rearranging the second half of this wreath - and yes the seam ripper has been used. Finally I have a plan! :0) I still don't know yet what I'm going to do in the center - obviously I can't fit it all in - some of it will though I think.
Here is the original block taken from a book of antique Baltimore Album quilts. Thanks Janet for letting me post your picture here! It is such a happy arrangement of flowers, leaves and buds - I find it quite irresistible. :0)
I'd be making faster progress on the wreath if I wasn't making these blocks at the same time. Just this little bit of applique is a bit of a distraction. I am enjoying the process and there is no rush!
A friend of mine went to Houston and she has posted a few lovely antique quilts and some others on her blog here.
Happy Quilting!!


Sherri said...

Your block and your friend's block are just gorgeous!

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your block is beautiful. Your friend's block is gorgeous too. I love applique. Are you going to do more of this album?

Karen said...

I can see why you would want to make a block in that design. I like it very much, too.

be*mused jan said...

What a fabulous block!! I know you'll do the design justice. Sometimes when we work from a photo of an old design, it takes a little bit of *moving things around* before it falls into place. Good start!

Kathie said...

your block is looking great.
Isn't it fun to reproduce blocks from antique quilts?
love your fabric choices too!
can't wait to see more.
your pieced blocks look good! I love blocks that are a mixture of applique and piecing .

Janet said...

The block is fabulous, I love your new shape and it's colours are great too. Your flower blocks look wonderful as well. You are cooking.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That is lovely appliqué. I can see why you felt the attraction to this is so pretty!

Lori said...

The applique block is a real beauty!!!
Thanks for the link. You know I'm a sucker for antique, vintage, or reproduction quilts:)

Crispy said...

Wow Janet, the applique block is wonderful. Those little pieced blocks, where is this pattern from? A very cute combination of pieced and applique.


Carrie P. said...

That is a neat shape for a block. Yous is going to look great. Are you making more than one?
Love your pieced and applique blocks too.

C. C. said...

You do such nice work...I always love seeing your applique!

C. C.

MARCIE said...

I love that happy flower block! I can see why you want to make it! Your other flower blocks are great also! I want to make that one. I am better at piecing that applique.