Thursday, April 29, 2010

museum quilts

Yesterday I had the most exciting morning. I went with some friends on a "behind the scenes" tour at the museum and we got to see a good number of incredible antique quilts up close. I was disappointed that they would not allow photos - how am I going to remember all that I saw? All I can share with you is this postcard picture of one of the quilts we saw.
The quilt in the picture was so much more vibrant in real life. For me that was the best part about this tour. To see these quilts in books - photographed well - is wonderful, but to see them in person where you can ask questions, see the backside, and scrutinize the fabrics and the beautiful hand quilting is SO much better. It was a marvelous experience - and I hope to go again because there were many more quilts rolled up and wrapped in muslin that we didn't see.Here is a peek at my new leader and ender project. Next will come some hst's. :0)
And I whipped up a little pocket for my new cell phone. I resisted as long as I could but pay phones are disappearing and sometimes emergencies do happen.
Happy Quilting!!


Crispy said...

Oh I would love to see antique quilts up close and personal!!

I'm still resisting a cell phone, I'd rather spend my money on fabric.


Elizabeth said...

Oh! The museum tour sounds lovely! The museum in my city has a quilt show every year with about 100 quilts displayed and I just love to go see it. Nothing antique, but amazing still the same. Love your cell phone case and your leaders and enders project looks so cool! Can't wait to see what's next for that!

Lori said...

What fun to see the quilts up clsoe and personal!! What museum was it?

Janet said...

I love the antique quilt! The leader ender project is wonderful, I love squares. I have to have a cell phone because of the travel distances here and the thought of being stranded freaks me out. I thought I was the onl one who doesn't text.

Carrie P. said...

Even though you didn't get to take pictures you still had a good time. I bet it was neat to see them all.
I like your little blocks so far.
Cute bag for your phone. I don't even know what half the things on my phone are used for. I have one for emergencies and to call long distance.