Sunday, September 30, 2012

finally some embroidery

Finally I have some Bird of Paradise blocks to post.  I have had this block appliqued for a few weeks.  I wanted to embroider the skipping rope before I posted it because the space looked so empty without it.  A friend came over Friday afternoon and provided the encouragement needed to get started.  Nearly all of these Bird of Paradise blocks need a bit of embroidery so it was good to make a start.  This block portrays DD#2 and DD#3.  I found enough pinks in my stash so they could both have pink dresses without matching  :0)  

This is my church block.  I was married in a church and every Sunday our family goes to church.  My faith is very important to me and I wanted to include a church on my quilt as a symbol of that. 

So now I have only 3 blocks left to complete and then on to the border.  If you can believe it - I don't have enough background fabric for the borders so the hunt is on to find something similar.  I have only myself to blame.  I was so eager to get started on this project and I thought I had a big enough piece.  I didn't measure it to be sure.  I won't be making that mistake again! 

Happy Quilting!!


antique quilter said...

what is the background fabric your using??? love the church block, I think it was wonderful that you included it in your quilt, pink dresses are adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute blocks !

Cheri said...

Beautiful personal blocks, I am encouraging you to do more embroidery! I can not wait to see the ohters with embroidery. I bet your daughters love being a part of your quilt. It will be just fine to have a different fabric on the borders, I think it just frames it a little better.
Happy Stitching Janet

Carrie P. said...

they are both so pretty.
I have done the same thing about not getting enough fabrics but I am sure you will find something perfect.

Lori said...

Both blocks are outstanding!! Beautiful applique and I love the meaningful touches!!

Barb said...

Oh! I love the jump rope sisters. THey are so charming. The Church is wonderful too. When can we see all the blocks at once??
As far as the background, what are you using? I was able to finish my Mothers Garden when quilters sent me fabric to match.
Having said that, A new/similar fabric will look great framing your quilt!

quilter501 said...

Even if the borders are a different will be lovely and an individual touch. It could even really add to the beauty of the quilt.

MARCIE said...

These blocks are so charming and wonderful! Nice job, as always.

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

The girl skipping rope and the church are the most wonderful additions to this quilt!!! Very nicely done and in keeping with the overall theme /style of the quilt!

JohnR said...

Those blocks look v nice.
DD#2 looks pretty in pink!
love DD#3's skipping rope.
The church block looks very kewl.

Hope you locate satisfactory background fabric.
happy Thanksgiving! =)

Every Stitch said...

These blocks are gorgeous - well done! This is a quilt on my to-do list. Thanks for your comment on my blog - and I'm glad to have found yours too!
Hilda Every Stitch