Friday, October 26, 2012

mountain trails get longer

 It's been a busy week!  The kids have had stomach flu and I have had to move my sewing room from an upstairs bedroom to a corner of the basement family room.  I did manage to get more Mountain Trail blocks made.  I used every little scrap of of the red polka dot fabric that I had.  I have a friend who has a little bit of it left over from one of her projects and she's going to give it to me tomorrow  :0)   I'll make as many blocks as I can!
 It's hard to say if I've had more fun sewing these scrappy little blocks or arranging them in many setting possibilities.
 How will I ever decide???
I'm very partial to this zigzag setting.  Which one do you like?
On Monday Lori wants to link up all the mini quilts made from this quilt along. I suspect I will still be making blocks  :0)
Tomorrow I am taking a whole day off to go to a sew day with friends.  I can't wait! 
Happy Quilting!!


Kathie said...

they are all wonderful but you know what I am with you on this I am partial to the zig zag , love the movement of the block...and you can call it the polka dot trail!!!!

Lori said...

Too many wonderful choices! I like the last one:) Mine would not have been that effective because I do not have as many blocks. Looks great!

*karendianne. said...

Ohh you have good instincts. Love it!!!

Teresa said...

Oooo! I am all about the barnraising setting, USUALLY. That was before I saw the zig zag...I just love it?!? How did you get so much done with all those life road blocks?!?

In stitches, Teresa :o)

Jeanna said...

What a striking combination of colors - it really makes your eyes just devour the quilt. I loved ALL of your possible arrangements!

Heather said...

Love the zigzags. They seem to be right on trend at the moment!

Linda in NC said...

Lots of great setting options, but I'm partial to the zigzag. It looks great!

Barb said...

Oh how fun. I love seeing all the different arrangements!
I like the SOL too. but I also love straight furrows. Isn't it fun to find a quilt that takes hold and you want to keep going.
Sorry to hear about the kids, but hooray for a sewing day with a friend, I wish it was me :)

Jan said...

Love all of your setting possibilities; it never dawned on me to play with the layout! Your polka dots make for a fun trail to follow :)

libbyquilter said...

so fun to see them all laid out in the different arrangements. i don't think i can pick a favorite though . . . all are wonderful~!