Thursday, September 4, 2014

progress anda fab surprise

I have made good progress on my Quilt patis star project this summer.  I love that now when I fold it up it looks like it could even be a completed top :0)
 Not quite though...  I thought I would make it 10 stars wide in this length.  Now I'm not sure that will be wide enough.  I plan to put a fairly wide border of some kind on it.  It maybe a couple more years in the making.  Its such a great portable project.
 I  am the very, very happy winner of Dawn's giveaway on her blog Collector with a Needle.
I was watching for the book in the mail and then when it arrived the package had all this great fabric inside with it.  I was thrilled.  The book is very interesting and it has some great quilts in it.
This one is my favorite.  I'd never seen a Princess Feather quite like this one before.  I love the border on it too - happy and a little bit wonky around the corners.  I would love to start a new applique project inspired by this quilt!!  But, I will resist the temptation and keep working on the 2 current ones until I have a finished top.  Dawn's name appears in the book on the Acknowledgements page.  I feel like I've "met" someone famous :0)

Happy Quilting!!


Terri said...

Love your stars! I saw your blog listed on Quilts in the Barn and just had to see it. Signed up to follow you, too.

Quiltlady said...

Your stars quilt is heavenly. :)

Dawn said...

Beautiful stars, great colors.
Wonky comers are some of the best!!
Glad you enjoyed the package.

Every Stitch said...

Your stars work-in-progress looks wonderful folded - I can see a quilt there too! Keep going - it will be stunning. Congrats on your win - great little book and lovely fabrics too :)

Lori said...

Congratulations on the terrific win!
Wow! Your quilt is coming along nicely and so beautiful!

Kyle said...

Your stars in progress are awesome. Slow, but steady. It will be done before you know it. Congrats on your new book and fabric. More inspiration.

Cheri said...

The stars quilt is SO pretty. Congrats on the win, you got a great book. There are just too many great appliqué quilts out there...I wNt to do them all :)

audrey said...

What a great win! Love that quilt shown in the pic. Your stars are progressing very nicely--much accomplishment there.:)

Carrie P. said...

YOur star top is so pretty!!!
Those fabrics you won are definitely your style. Congrats!