Tuesday, April 24, 2018

machine feathers

 It's about time I posted something.  I've been sewing - stitching away on current projects.  I have not started anything new although the temptation has been very great.
I had a week at home in early April.  Our furnace quit and we heated the house with the woodstove for a week until a part could be acquired.  I had to stay home and feed wood into the stove...  One day I made the best of it and basted this enormous quilt on the floor of my dining room.  I used all of my basting pins and still didn't have enough so I thread basted the border just to get it done.
It was my plan to free motion quilt this - hoping it would go fast like my son's quilt.  But as I considered it I decided to use my walking foot to anchor the blocks before I tried free motion quilting. Then I flipped through an excellent book "Visual guide to Free-motion Quilting Feathers" by Natalia Bonner and found this feathered design that fit into a square.  

My quilting is far from perfect but I am pleased with how this design fills the blocks without being too dense.  The design doesn't take over the block like it may appear in this picture.  If I turned the lights on as usual you would hardly see any quilting at all.  I still need a plan for the zigzag sashing.  Straight lines are all I've thought of so far.  Any suggestions??

The design works well for the half blocks too - here it is from the back.  By the last block I will be a pro - lol!
I'm also working on appliqueing my 7th block of Radical Rose and Reel.  I was so surprised to see that I had placed these two pieces in the same fabric side by side.  I didn't notice until it was sewn on.  I usually try so hard to not let this happen.  However, scrappy antique quilts often have blocks in the same fabric grouped together and yet I try so hard to scatter them evenly across the top?!  I love antique quilts!  So even though I know this will bug me  - I'm leaving it. 

Happy Quilting!!


Kyle said...

Your feather design looks lovely over your pieced blocks. It's a great choice. Sorry that the backgrounds for the appliques got a little messed up, but it will add a little charm for the antique feel you're creating. I've done the same thing, actually multiple times. Yes, it bugs me, but mo one else even notices.

Joyful Quilter said...

lol I was looking at the red in your block and thought it was okay...then I noticed the greens. Not noticeable at all.

Love your feather quilting. I really like Natalia Bonner's FMQ books. Have you decided what you are going to quilt in the borders? Could you do a mini version in the sashing?

Karen said...

Machine quilting is not something I do well. You have done a good job.

audrey said...

Isn't it funny how a repeat fabric choice can get on our nerves! And we try so hard to make sure it doesn't happen. The ironic thing with me is that's the sort of thing I will smile at in an old quilt and think it perfectly charming! We need to be more gentle with ourself! Your machine quilting is looking great. Wish I had the motivation to try something more challenging.:)

co coya said...

Love the energy in your sashing fabric! I'm a big fan of stripey sashing. All your projects are so lovely. The applique just melts my heart.:)

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Barb said...

your quilted feathers are so classic and lovely. Your quilting looks perfect to me.
As you say, antique quilts had prints that matched, didn't match, almost matched. I like the randomness of it however it turns out.

Dawn said...

Your machine quilting is fantastic. Just the right size and scale to compliment and not over power the block.
I think a straight line or two I. The sashing would look great.
Radical Rose is coming along so nicely. I love that green and think only you will know it is side by side.
Thanks for sharing your projects.