Monday, March 19, 2018

winter progress

On the weekend I finished block #6 of Radical Rose and Reel.  I had to lay them out together to see how it's coming along. Three more blocks and then borders to applique - so many hours of happy stitching to look forward to :0)
 Here's the 6th block. 
 I've also made considerable progress on handquilting my Lily quilt.  I'm halfway around the wide border with a feathered vine. 
 I just love quilting feathers!  The border will need a background fill of some kind to go with the feathers.  I'll figure that out later - lol!
 On Saturday I pulled out my 36 patch blocks.  I had set them aside months ago to make a quilt for my son.  At that time I decided to put sashing between the blocks but had a difficult time finding the "right" fabric.  I thought I was going to love it with this blue stripe...  Once I got 2 rows together I was sure I had made a mistake.  I posted it on Instagram and received a lot of feedback  - people liked the sashing.  My husband also mentioned that he liked the sashing - that cinched it!
 Sometimes a little advice is all I need.  Thanks if you were one of the advisors :0)
 There has been a bit of skiing going on in the past few weeks. We had some exciting visitors from Ontario and we went downhill skiing
 and cross country skiing.  Both days were just picture perfect and fun!
Of course exciting visitors deserve exciting dessert!  My DD#2 and I had been wanting to make a Baked Alaska cake for awhile and it was a fun and tasty experiment.

Happy Quilting!!


Dawn said...

WOW!! So beautiful to see six blocks together! Thanks for sharing these.
I'm pleased you settled on the sashing, now you can move forward with confidence.
The skiing looks fun, and the baked Alsaska soooo delicious. What good times!

Kay Butler said...

Your Radical Rose & Reel is simply beautiful! Love the mixture of greens and reds! <3

Kyle said...

Seeing the 6 blocks together is simply beautiful. You've used so many wonderful reds and greens. Keep stitching. Your work is always lovely.. Oh, and the baked Alaskan, awesome.

Alison said...

Oh how lovely to see those beautiful appliqué blocks sitting together. So elegant and timeless. As an appliqué enthusiast I can understand how there are times when you don’t post for a while - far too busy stitching away. The gentle times of working on your blocks must be so refreshing and relaxing.

Kleine Vingers said...

Love the applique blocks. And the blue sassing is lookin great between those colourful blocks.

Barb said...

Your rose blocks are just lovely! Wow that is going to be such a striking quilt.
Your quilting is looking good. I love feathers and yours are beautiful.
I've never tried down hill skiing growing up in Illinois.
wow - baked Alaska looks yummy! was it hard?

Lori said...

YOur applique blocks are stunning!! I adore the blue strip small sashing! The blocks are wonderful too!!
I needed to get out my large quilting project- you are inspiring me.
Yay for fun in the snow!!

audrey said...

Love the energy in your sashing fabric! I'm a big fan of stripey sashing. All your projects are so lovely. The applique just melts my heart.:)

Phyllis said...

Such beautiful stitches, love seeing handquilting and yours is exquisite. As are the applique blocks. Lovely work all of it.

co coya said...

Love the applique blocks. And the blue sassing is lookin great between those colourful blocks.

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co coya said...

Machine quilting is not something I do well. You have done a good job.

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