Monday, December 3, 2018

Marvellous antique quilts

Another very wonderful part of Houston International Quilt Festival was the antique quilts.
  After I stopped to see my own quilt in the show I hurried into the vendor area to see for myself these booths full of antique quilts for sale.  I'm sure the first few antique quilt vendors thought I was a little nuts - I was that excited.  Even now - looking through my pictures I can't believe all the amazing works of art I was able to see and touch.  The vendors were very kind and patient with me - I came around and visited each booth at least once a day to see if anything new was on display and I wasn't disappointed. 
 Mary Koval's booth was a real favorite.  She was very welcoming and happy to talk with me about her lovely quilts. Honestly I wanted to see every single one but since I wasn't buying I could hardly make her unfold each one. 
 This one had the most marvellous quilting motifs. 
 This is one Mary did unfold for me - the photo doesn't do it justice - it was incredible!
 Julie Siber was another vendor who very kindly would talk antique quilts with me.  Her assistant Deborah was very fun as well.  This trapuntoed quilt was unbelievable!  Such fine, lovely quilting - and so graceful!
 Even folded there was so much to admire and be inspired by.
 Jane Lury had a booth full of wonderful quilts too.  Can you imagine the time to quilt these 4 parallel lines all around the border
 Cindy Rennel's and her husband were very welcoming at their booth too.  They let me prowl around and take a few pictures.  This quilt had the most amazing stuffed buds.  I can't imagine sleeping under a quilt with such puffy buds ( Probably wasn't intended to be slept under...). 
So many amazing quilts - it was such a treat just to see them!
I love a feathered star quilt.  This one was exquisite. 
I also really enjoyed meeting Julia at her Pique booth.  I can't find any pictures from her booth however  - I was probably too busy talking with her - she was lovely and her quilts were fabulous too. 
Are you feeling inspired??  I sure am :0)
Happy Quilting!!


Barb said...

I'm faint from all that antique beauty. These are my kind of quilts. Just lovely.

Lori said...

The quilts were really a site to behold! So many beauties!! Thanks for letting me revisit those booths!!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

They are such treasures aren't they? I'm so glad you had the opportunity to talk with Julie Silber. She is one of my all time favorite people!! I definitely have Houston on my bucket list!

Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Each quilt was my favorite! Seriously, I love them all.

Kyle said...

What an incredible opportunity to talk to so many vendors plus look at so many indescribable quilts. I can't imagine the time and effort put into these masterpieces. Wouldn't you like to know more about the women who made these. What true artist.

audrey said...

Thanks for sharing! I adore antinque quilts so much, especially this particular style! I would have been going back every chance I got too.:)

Karen said...

The feathered star quilt in red and green is a beauty. I imagine it had a big price tag on it.

JohnR said...

You've posted lovely photos of some beautiful quilts. Maybe one day one of your quilts will be an "antique" quilt. ;)

Phyllis said...

thank you for posting these. I am like you, like a kid in a candy store when I see the antique booths. In The Netherlands where I live we do not see this at our (small) quilt shows so it is such a treat to see the antiques when I am in Houston. Very inspiring post.

Jane in Cumbria said...

What a feast!!

Halland House Gifts said...

Janet, I just died and went to heaven. Thanks for all the photos. Judy