Friday, November 8, 2019

Houston International festival 2019

It was so excited to be able to go to Houston International Quilt Festival again.  I submitted my Lily Quilt for 'In the American Tradition' exhibit and I was delighted they accepted it.  
 The second time around it was still a bit unbelievable to come around a corner and find one of my quilts hanging with all these amazing and beautiful others.
 This year my good friend Catherine was able to come. It was fun to have a travel buddy, someone to stay with and explore the Festival with.
 It is wonderful to see the amazing quilts submitted to the juried part of the show like this one by Midori Horie of Japan.  The appliqué and handquilting are beyond exquisite.
 But my favorite quilts in the show are the antique quilts.
 This one is part of the Texas Quilt Museum's collection.
 and this one too
 This one was in a gorgeous exhibit of some of Mary and Joe Koval's collection.
 I loved the border of this one - also from the Texas quilt Museum.
 Then there are the booths full of antique quilts for sale.  I love hanging out in these booths!!  This one was in Jane Lury's booth and I loved the border.
Another awesome part of Quilt Festival is meeting people.  This is Dawn whose blog is called Collector with a Needle.  
It was so lovely to meet her - I've enjoyed her friendship online for years.
 Deborah Ursell is an very busy vendor who I met last year - she is so fun and enthusiastic.  Her booth of Vintage Quilts and More was packed all the time.
 Julie Silber I met last year too.  Her booth is full of wonderful and interesting quilts and she is full of interesting stories.
 I met Cecile from Patchwork Inspirations who was visiting from France.  She is a sweetheart. It was so interesting to visit with her and her husband.  Together with Lori of Humble Quilts who I met last year.  Lori is full of ideas and issued us a challenge to do something with an antique block which we could choose from some she brought.  I will post more about that later. It was really cool to run into her again at the antique quilt booths and look at some beautiful and some interesting old quilts together.
It also enjoyed meeting Sue from the UK whose blog I have followed for years.  We were in a class together with Lori on my last morning there.
And then it was time to come home to regular life with piles of new quilting ideas in my head :0)

 I didn't get pictures with everyone I was happy to see again like Judith of Juud's Quilts  and Mary Koval, and Bernadette who was busy in the WonderFil Threads booth. (and then I haven't worked up the courage to ask Jane Lury for a picture yet)  However, it is the people and the antique quilts that are my favorite parts about going to this show.

Happy Quilting!!


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. I do hope you can save your pennies and come back next year as I plan to go for the first time and I would love to meet you in person!! Funny, I never had that much of an interest in going until I started blogging and now I just want to meet all these wonderful folks! I'm glad you had some time with Julie Silber. She is one of my favorite people!! A real treasure!! Thanks for sharing!

Doniene said...

Janet, so nice to meet you at Houston! Your quilt was wonderful!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!



Lori said...

It was lovely seeing you again this year! Your quilt was stunning!!

I love how you are an antique quilt groupie like me!! LOL

Kyle said...

Thanks for sharing such awesome quilt photos. Each one was a work if art.

audrey said...

You make me want to go to the Festival so much! I'm thrilled that you were able to see your gorgeous quilt in person. How special is that? And very fun to meet up with some of your blogging friends. It really is a small world.:)

Karen said...

You sure made the rounds and met up with some wonderful blog friends. I know you had a good time.
I remember the first time I had a quilt hang at the Houston quilt show. It was part of a teacher's exhibit. Some of my friends had also participated. I think all but one of us traveled to the show. One lady in the travel group was not one of the display participants but yet she stood in front of our quilts and cried. Said she was so thrilled for us.

Barb said...

Your quilt is beautiful and fits right in with all the them.
thanks for sharing so many of antique quilts.
Yay you met so many of our mutual friends!

Judith said...

Silly you! You should have asked Jane! She would have loved it! Next time. Sure was good fun to see you again. Glad we’ve had Some more time to talk at the end! Love the pincushion!

CecileD said...

I was soooo happy to meet you Janet ! It was a wonderful moment ! All the vintage quilts were my favorite too ... congratulations again for your wonderful and beautiful quilt !

Phyllis said...

Houston is wonderful, the city itself and the the quilt events.
Great quilts and such a wonderful occasion to meet kindred spirits.
Your quilt is beautiful, how wonderful to have it in the show.
The other quilts you share a beautiful too, the Japanese never cease to amaze me, that patience, that workmanship.
Bet you had a superb time.