Saturday, August 15, 2020

summer stitching

Summer continues to be busy.  I steal away to my sewing room to stitch a block or 2 when I can.  These blocks have been coming together quickly.  This is to be a quilt for my youngest daughter.  She picked the color scheme from a completely different pattern on the cover of a magazine. Mostly we shopped in my stash for fabric but I had zero magenta so a trip to a couple of local shops had to be made ;0)  We found this pattern online it's a Missouri Star pattern called Totally Tulips.  The blocks are huge and easy peasy - not my usual kind of project but its been fun for a change.

I just need to make 5 more blocks and I can start putting it together.  We will chose a teal border fabric and it will fit in in her new teal room. 

This next project got started because I was needing some portable applique for summer trips. I wanted to play around with an appliqued circle design which I could fill in with whatever applique shapes I wanted.   

I'm back-basting the circles with the points and then using regular needleturn applique for the centers.  It's been a lot of fun.  

I've still got lots more center applique ideas so I'll keep making blocks for awhile. 

A few of the blocks together.  Probably I will set these with an alternate pieced block or sashing.

Hopefully once  kids go back to school there will be time to get back to this long progress signature quilt.  The borders need to be attached so I can applique the corners.
It would be very exciting to get this (10 years so far) project to at least a finished top.

Happy Quilting!!


Radka said...

I always like to see nice applique, your blocks are very nice,

Kyle said...

Your applique border is incredible. It's almost finished! Your daughter's tulip quilt is delightful. The colors are the bright cheerful colors of summer and will brighten her room when snow begins to fall. Glad you've been able to find moment of time for stitching. Your work is always an inspiration.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Cute tulip quilt and it's always nice to involve the recipient in decisions! Your signature quilt border is exquisite. All of this is beautiful but I really love your circle applique blocks - so special.

CecileD said...

Your appliqué blocks and border are just amazing !! WOW !!
Great job Janet !

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Those tulips are adorable. I too would have to shop for magenta. Your applique in a circle blocks are so sweet. Love those colors too. And that border on your signature quilt is amazing! Love to see what you do in the corners. I always get stuck there.

audrey said...

Love, love, love your applique circle blocks! So charming and sweet! Wonderful that your daughter helped in the colors for her quilt. I often find that difficult to do, but in the end it's always intriguing to work a little outside our comfort zone! So very close to finishing up the 10 year project! Your applique work is incredible as always. With hand quilting? texture some day, it's going to be an amazing quilt.:)