Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Back to it

After a long and unplanned absence I'm ready to blog again.  The last few months have been very different and unpredictable and there just hasn't been time for blogging.  I always make time for sewing though - it's how I relax at the end of the day.  
 I participated in an Instagram Sunflower sewalong.  The pattern was drawn by Susie @fixer_of_old_quilts from an antique quilt owned by Cathy @quiltingcat2

I did get the 6 inch block quilt top finished.  I enjoyed sewing all of the flying geese units and putting them all together.  I have backing and batting ready and I just need to find time to pin baste this for machine quilting.
I continue to work towards finishing my Hospital Sketches quilt.  Last time I posted about it I was just figuring out the borders.  I did get stuck for a bit on the corners.
I played around with paper shapes for awhile and settled on this design with 2 birds.
The corners were fun to stitch and it was exciting to get the whole top together.
This is the last picture taken in this spot in my old sewing area.  Looking down from above - it was a good way to view projects.  One of the things that made the last 6 months so busy was that we moved.  In our new home I have a dedicated sewing room and a very large kitchen island perfect for basting quilts.
Within a couple of weeks I put it to the test with thread basting my Hospital Sketches for handquilting.  In the past I basted quilts on my old dining room floor.  It was hard on the knees.  The last 2 quilts for handquilting I basted with a long arm machine but with Covid 19 that was not an option.  Basting on the island was easy on the knees but I could still feel it in my neck and back - leaning over it for 5 hours straight to get it done between lunch and supper.  I was thrilled to have it basted though and handquilting is coming along well.

Before we moved I participated in another small Instagram sewalong hosted by Betsy Chutchian.  This cute little quilt was the result and I'm enjoying using it on my nightstand :0)

And I wanted to post this little guy I spent hours working on at guild meetings last fall.  I'm not a very good paper piecer so this was a challenge and I think he turned out really cute. I hope I remember to pull him out near Christmas time and make a little wallhanging.

Happy Quilting!!


Kyle said...

First of all congratulations on your new home. Moving is never easy. Love your red interpretation of the sunflowers. I've been stitching on mine...very slowly. You have been busy with all of the applique. Your work is beautiful. I have given up the floor basting too. I might never be able to get up again!

Lori said...

Great to see your blog post! How exciting to have your own sewing room now and the size of that center island is terrific!
I love your corner treatments on the Hospital Sketches,
I saw that darling sunflower block on Instagram. Glad you are making time to stitch!

Barb said...

Great to see a new post of your beautiful work.
your applique' projects are gorgeous as always.
I baste on my dining table so much easier than on my knees. What a nice big island for basting or cutting.
Love that cute little gnome!

Barb said...

I love your corner applique design. lovely

Julee said...

love all your quilts... I received the block from Susie but have not made it. I like your color choices. I always enjoy your work as we have the same taste... thinking about doing a new pattern in red, pink and green.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a glorious comeback post! I guess I need to get into Instagram as it looks like I am missing a lot of great quilts. Your Hospital Sketches is absolutely stunning. I love your corner solution. Welcome back to blogland!

audrey said...

Oh wow! Moving homes is a big job! A little bit jealous that you have such a good spot to baste your quilts now. I'm still on my hands and knees whenever it's time for that phase. LOVE the corners of your Hospital Sketches quilt! Those birds are just perfection.:)

Karen said...

You may have been absent fronm the blog but not your quilt making. A delightful post full of good stuff. Love your applique pieces.